Thursday, November 29, 2012

South Cave Victorian Christmas Market

I have been working on this years costume and this is the grand unveiling of my hat.
 Just in need of a little lace along the front.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Open House In South Cave

It's an annual event that my regular clients and friends all look forward to.  This year it's a week earlier than usual and yes, I do confess that I have put up the tree in November.  The first time ever in my whole life (honestly!!)

Yesterday was spent creating Pot pourri using a blend of Ginger, Frankinsence and Orange essential oils.  The house is fragrant with fresh coffee, mince pies and potpourri.

Last night was a late one with all the tables being  put up with velvet cloths draped on them and all my creations placed around the two downstairs rooms.

I'll be open until 3pm and then reopen at 7pm until 9pm All Welcome, Bring a friend or two!
4, Nunnery Walk
South Cave

East Yorkshire
HU15 2JA

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baubles, Baubles and more Baubles ~ Papier Mache

For the past few days, I have literally been covered in glue and glitter and paper.  
I have been creating paper mache baubles

So far, I've made about 100 and am aiming for another 80ish in the next few days.

They have been messy and fiddly to create, but I am really pleased with how they have turned out.

I have experimented with all different types of paper mache

The first batches are listed HERE

Words for Christmas He wasn't just born, but is risen

He wasn't just born, but is risen
He was a king but born in a manger
Loved by many, yet showed love to the stranger
Now seated on high, but revealed to the lowly
Seemingly defeated by death, 
but victoriously raised to claim his trophy.
This babe in swaddling cloths
Light of the world attracting us like moths
Would later be wrapped in a garment of death
Took his last breath and said
It is finished, you can rest,
I've done it all on the cross, took your place
paid your loss, unchained you from pain
so toss your stained rags away
Let me lay upon you a holy robe
White like a north pole snow globe.
So now we know we can't boast
but use our words to uphold the name of the most high God 
King Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us
Last words on this earth that he never would leave us
What a precious, precious promise.
So hark the herald angels are singing
delivering good news of great joy 
of a baby who is bringing salvation 
by reigning  as king of the nations
O come, O come Emmanuel
reveal yourself like show and tell
and let us go tell it on the mountain
To young and old like sweet silver bells
be bold announcing freedom
to throw down  all burdens
In light of this we can have ourselves a merry little Christmas
Delighted with blissful instances of peace among people
among those saved through the eye of the needle
among those who are hopeless and needful
of a saviour who promised to keep them by fulfilling the law
for the sake of the lawless
and when a bright star they saw when Christ came to the helpless 
born in a manger and died for the selfish
sinners saved by the sinless saviour
we can no longer remain cursed
 because of the exchange that took place there on that
O holy night
where he trashed our troubles and sent them out of sight
taking our burdens
causing our cares to crumble
stilling the turbulence and making our hearts like stars shining bright
That's why we keep Christ in Christmas
In keeping in mind that he wasn't just born
But is risen

I found these words quite by accident on a spotify journey.  They are exactly what I was thinking of towards Christmas preparation and so I borrowed them.
Festive Collection ~ Holly in our hearts

Monday, November 5, 2012

Story Advent Calendar

I had a project in mind for this Christmas that I've been thinking about for several months. Many of my Childhood memories include being read too.  My Parents and my Grandma reading stories was a lovely time and then as my own children and my "minded" children came along, I loved reading to them.  Christmas was an especially nice time.

 Special stories reserved for the festive season came out and were read snuggled up on the sofa with cosy lighting and a fire.  I wanted to prolong those memories by writing a series of Christmas stories, some original and some retold, I also collected a few poems  and activities together.

 These have been produced on quality paper and each one popped into a decorated Christmas packet.  each packet is then suspended from a hemp rope by a gold jewell embellished peg.

This is my Christmas Advent calendar and I hope that other people get to share the joy of reading to or with their Children in the run up to Christmas.  Available from Ra Ra Bazaar

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas Craft Tutorial ~ Paper Trees

These trees look great clustered together for Christmas
You can use magazines, catalogues or even books.

Take two Christmas Catalogues
Remove the front page and any inside pages that come loose.

Remove the back page and  loose inner pages
Fold the top right hand corner of the first page diagonally to the spine.
Fold again towards the spine so that the flap resembles a tie.
Fold the overhand back up

Turnover the page and start on page two following the same instructions

work through the whole catalogue

until you have folded every page

 Then do the same to the second catalogue
apply glue to the two spines

Press them together
You can either spray the tree with gold or silver spray or leave natural.

 Top with a bow, star, feathers or beads

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cards To Make With Your Little One

It's always nice to do some "messy time" with your little ones and to produce some cards for Grandparents etc.
It doesn't matter how young they are, they can contribute, even if it's only having their footprint or handprint taken!
These are some ideas of what to create:
thank you to Karlilay for this image!

if working with children you should use children's paint.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cinnamon Trees

 A set of beautiful rustic Christmas trees with natural cinnamon trunks that will defuse the aroma of cinnamon around your home this winter.  Created By Beledien

Bearing Gifts We Traverse So Far

 Crocheted 3 wise men with their gem stone gifts by Nofkants Curios
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