Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent ~ A time of anticipation and Preparation

The fourth Sunday before Chrismas is the start of Advent.  This is the Churches New Year. It's a time when Christians prepare to celebrate the first coming of Jesus as a baby in a manger and also anticipate the time when he will come again.
Advent tradition in Churches includes candles which symbolise the Light of Christ coming into a dark world.
The purple candles symbolise: Prayer, Penance and Preparatory sacrifice (good works)  and the purple is also the colour of kingship whilst the rose candle lit on the third Sunday is a celebration of Gaudette day, a day of rejoicing because the faithful have arrived at the midpoint of advent.
The White central candle represents Jesus Christ, Light in our darkness and this is lit on Christmas day.
The evergreens used to decorate the base are also representative.
Laurel ~ Victory over persecution and suffering
Pine, holly and yew ~ Immortality
Holly ~ reminds us of the crown of thorns that symbolise Christs death, the red berries are representative of Christs blood.

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