Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Three Wise Men

My son showed me the inside of one of the cards he received from his friend at Christmas.
Ben had drawn these wise men.  I think it's an amazing drawing and just had to share it with you.

Friday, January 6, 2012

What now?

We have reached the twelfth day of Christmas, The day when traditionally in the UK the Christmas celebrations are over.  The tree's lights and decorations come down and are stored away until advent arrives the next year.
And what of a blog that celebrates christmas?
Should it too be put away, only to be dragged out again at the start of the Christmas Crafting season?
I think not.
You see Christmas is the perfect time to start sharing.  It’s a time of celebration, a time when in the recess' of peoples minds there is some vague recollection of a manger and a baby.  By simply saying to someone ““this is what Christmas means to me” you are giving them the best Christmas present you could ever dream of.  It’s better than an x box 360, an It ouch, a transformer, a kindle……. You will be giving them the gift of a saviour, of a baby born in a manger,  & the love of a man who held his arms out on a cross for them. But  as Christians, our Christmas can be every day, We can daily celebrate God's gift to us and continue to do so all through the year.
So with that in mind, I shall continue to post every so often during the year.

Epiphany 6th January

Monday, January 2, 2012

Recycling Christmas

While today will be my Christmas put away day, I shall not actually be throwing out much if anything.
The greenery that was decorating my mirror and room will head to the compost heap, the tree (artificial) will be put away for next year, as will all the decorations.  The wrapping paper will be ironed out and put to good crafting use next year.  The cards will be recycled into fronts and backs.  The special ones will be put into my sketch books and the others will be put into the craft cupboard.  The backs will go to the cardboard recycling.  The tins that held the chocolates are currently holding quality street wrappers and other sweet wrappers that will "come in useful".  The boxes from chocolates may be come card recycling or they may be used for craft projects.
So rather than just sit and waffle, I should go and get on with it.

Packing up

Today I shall be taking down my cards, packing up my tree and clearing the piles of greenery from around my house.  I'm always sad to do it, but clearing away all the clutter gives me a huge uplift as the room suddenly becomes spacey and the walls clearer.
It reminds me of the squash and a squeeze story by children's laureate Julia Donaldson

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