Monday, January 2, 2012

Recycling Christmas

While today will be my Christmas put away day, I shall not actually be throwing out much if anything.
The greenery that was decorating my mirror and room will head to the compost heap, the tree (artificial) will be put away for next year, as will all the decorations.  The wrapping paper will be ironed out and put to good crafting use next year.  The cards will be recycled into fronts and backs.  The special ones will be put into my sketch books and the others will be put into the craft cupboard.  The backs will go to the cardboard recycling.  The tins that held the chocolates are currently holding quality street wrappers and other sweet wrappers that will "come in useful".  The boxes from chocolates may be come card recycling or they may be used for craft projects.
So rather than just sit and waffle, I should go and get on with it.

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