Monday, December 20, 2010

A Social Network Christmas

Christmas Crafts ~ Christmas Sock Monkey

GlamGlass has been really busy creating this fabulous sock monkey for her daughters Christmas Present .... shhhhhhh it's a secret!

Christmas Recipes ~ Coconut Ice

Christmas Music ~ Coventry Carol

Nativity Story Characters ~ Herod

Herod was the king of Judea.  We read about him in Matthews gospel.  The three wise men visited him in order to discover the whereabouts of the child they were seeking. Herod was a Jewish king.

Being an educated man and with access to the learned scholars of the land etc, it is surprising that Herod was not more in touch with his roots. 
He felt that the term used in the scriptures "a saviour for all mankind" was a direct threat to hi and saw Jesus as a threat and "not for him" when infact Jesus was coming to the earth as much for him as for anyone else, because God loved Herod too.

Herod made enquireies from the wise men asking where and when the star had appeared and made the pretence of wanting to go and see the baby too, but the wise men were warned in a dream not to return to Herod. 
Herods raging then saw him issue a degree that all male children under the age of two in the vicinity of Bethlehem were to be killed.

Joseph was also warned in a dream of Herods intention and took Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape him.

Christmas Music ~ Breath of Heaven

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Craft Tutorial ~ Jazzy Decorations

Nativity Story Characters ~ The Wise Men

The three wise men
The Three wise men (or in some translations Magi or kings) are traditionally celebrated at the feast of Epithany 6th Jan.  It was believed that the Baby Jesus may actually have been as old as two when they visited.
They had been looking at the stars and followed one that they believe foretold the coming of a sviour for all the people.
They brought gifts of 
Gold ~ symbolising Kingship
Frankinscence ~ symbolising Godship
and Myrrh ~ symbolising sacrifice and tears.

Christmas music ~ Green The Whole Year Round

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Craft Tutorial ~ Greenery Garland

Christmas Crafts Tutorial ~ Clove Oranges

And the winner is .......

Fiona (aka Samigail)  So as I already know your address, the parcel is already on it's way
Happy Christmas

Thank you to everyone who enetered and I wish you better luck next time.

Nativity Story Characters ~ The Shepherds

We hear about the shepherds in Luke account of the Nativity.  The shepherds were a goup of men who would be out on the hills side caring from their sheep through most of the year.  They would be grubby and were certainly the lowest on social scale.  And yet it's to them that an angel appears and tells the good news.  They are ordinary men.  The shepherds hear the greeting and without hesitatiuon leave their flocks to the mecy of the night and hurry to find the things that the angels had told them.  Then they rejoiced and hurried around shaing the good news.

Christmas Music ~ Christmas Angels

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Crafts ~ Beaded Napkin Rings

I think these beaded napkin rings would look fantastic on any Christmas table.  A real touch of festive class created by TBrigham

Christmas Movies ~ The Nativity

Nativity Story Characters ~ The Inn Keeper's

Every school nativity play featured inn keepers with their famous "no room here".  In the bible however, the inn keepers do not really get a mention at all. 
"And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn."
Mary and Joseph had been forced to travel to the Town of Joseph's ancestors.  The journey would have taken days and been treaturous for a heavily pregnant woman.  The thought of arriving and finding the place bustling with all the other people forced there, and being able to find no shelter other then an animal hold would be very frightening.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Christmas Giveaway ~ A Celebration

So this is it, Post 200. That's a lot of posts for just over two months, so thank you for making such beautiful handcrafted items so that I have lots to feature.
I have decided to do a mystery giveaway.  This will contain a selection of jewellery, crafts, decorations etc.
To enter simply promote this blog on facebook, twitter, blog etc.  Then follow me and leave a comment.  Or simply follow me.  multiple entries will be awarded for mentioning it on the other sources! The winner willl be selected on the morning of Friday the 17th December.  It is open to everyone, but those overseas will not receive it till after Christmas (if they win!)

What Christmas means to me.

This will be a very personal post.  I am not prone to spilling my emotions on the web, but for once I really feel led to do so.
When I started this blog a couple of months ago, it was as a pure indulgence.  There is so much beautiful craft, music, tallent etc out there that only gets shared for a short time each year, that I decided to thoroughly embrace it.  Christmas Creative is now at 199 posts.  The next post will be a giveaway to celebrate.

Christmas to me is so special. It starts in September (the day after the kids go bck to school) as it does for many crafters (for some it never stops!)  The big run up to Christmas, it seems so far away, you have time to plan, order materials, design, think and then all too soon it's nearly here.  Normally around October I get some flash of inspiration and the subject for the Christmas day service (which we lead as a music group)comes bounding into being  This year was no exception and very quickly there was a drama written and a title "missing the point".  I guess it all stems from Google refusing to acknowledge Christmas last year.  In the run up to Christms, there were christmas cards shown, but when you hovered over them the greeting was not "Happy Christmas", but "Happy Holidays".
Whilst the material Christmas takes place in every town centre or home (mine included,) when asked about traditions and what matters to people they nearly always respond with thoughts of the people they love.
I personally see nothing wrong with embracing the secular side to Christmas as you can see from this blog, but I do feel that all too often the real reson for Christmas is forgotton.
For me Christmas is about:
 The obedience of a young girl, of her future being so radically changed, of being prepared to undergo shame, of the motherly instincts, and the will to do the right thing.
Of the bravery of a man, who also prepared to face shame, but who listened and responded in love.
Of the joy of angels spreading the good news.
The wonder of shepherds, who celebrated the news of the birth of a baby, left their flocks and hurried to visit and then returned home rejoicing and telling others.
The perseverance of the wise men, who studied, waited, watched and travelled to worship a new born king.
And of course there is the baby himself, sent to the earth in human form to be the light of the world.
So please, this Christmas time take a few moments to remember why and how and that he can be your light too.
Happy Christmas

Christmas Traditions ~ The Snowmen

I was mooching around the Craft Forum yesterday when I discovered this heart warming story.
These cute little fellas are the result of a plee for help a few weeks ago:
right I know you will probably all think I'm completely mad but I need something made for next christmas !!!
I'm doing it now as I'm at that time of life when if I don't do it when I think of it then I will never get round to it
basically years and years ago ( although it doesn't actually seem that long ago ) my mother in law bought at a bazaar - three snowmen and a father christmas - they were crocheted round a toilet roll if that makes sense
when me and my hubby got our own place we inherited the father christmas and one snowman and I started the tradition of putting chocolates in them
when we had our two children we then inherited the other two snowmen and Father christmas started to put chocolates in them on christmas eve.
they have always been part of our christmas but things are now changing
my 'children ' are now 18 and 21 and my son the eldest is talking about moving out next year with his girlfriend ( which I'm trying hard not to think about , whilst I love his girlfriend I will miss my son terribly ) but here comes the dilemma , next year I can't not put my sons snowman under the tree as it wouldn't feel right ( even though as you can imagine he probably wouldn't care less lol ) but if I do then I wouldn't want to leave his girlfriend out , and if I manage to find one for his girlfriend then I can't leave my daughters boyfriend out
as you can imagine my 'children' and partners really won't care less but its always been a tradition and its one I want to carry one and eventually include our grandchildren
so I'm after anyone who can make me some more snowmen - obviously I will pay you and its not until next year but if anyone can help me then let me know

Anyway, Pepsi (whose work has been featured several times on this blog) rose to the challenge and in double quick time there were the required additions to the family.(those sporting pink and  blue hats!)

I know its sad but its such a tradition and is a part of christmas that I didn't want to give up.
I was telling my mother in law who bought the original ones and she was really pleased and thought it was lovely and my 18 year old daughter who I thought might just give me one of those 'whatever ' looks said they're really cool and she has said it more than once , she even texted her boyfriend at work to tell him he is part of the 'snowman ' family
I'm probably making my family sound even more geeky now lol

Isn't that a lovely story!!

Christmas Music ~ The Wexford Carol

Christmas Crafts ~ Snowglobe Cards

These fantastic snowglobe cards hve been made by Crafty Jeanie They are really beautifully made and very stylish for this Christmas.

Christmas Crafts ~ Sock Reindeer

Isn't this little sock reindeer just amazingly cute.  He even sports a bright red nose.  He has been made by Rosie75.  I bet he's lovely and cuddely!

Christms Traditions ~ Opening the gifts

Here is Petes thoughts, .....
"Having six kids our finances have always been limited and so we started right at the beginning with the tradition of waiting until everyone was up and gathered together before opening the presents. The kids took it in turns, one each year, of handing the presents out and we waited until it had been opened until the next one was handed out. It meant we all shared the excitement of all the presents and it prolonged the present opening. Our kids have taken it into their on families and do the same with the grandkids.

The kids developed their own tradition, instigated by the older two, of opening their stockings (handmade out of old clothes of course with their names on them and yes, parents had them as well) on our bed, waking us up at some ridiculous hour in the morning. They gathered the younger ones up and brought them in. It took several days before we got all the bits of peel, paper etc out of our bed clothes LOL"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Recipe ~ How to make mulled wine

Christmas Traditions ~ Mulled wine on Christmas Eve

I've been asking friends to share with me their Christmas "Traditions" and this one is from Lisa ...

On Christmas Eve, "I have to make my own mulled wine and all of us have a glass before the kids go to bed. When the kids are in bed we put out the pressies and polish off the rest of the mulled wine!!!"

That sounds lovely!

Christmas Music ~ Handles Messiah, Hallelujah Chorus

Christmas Traditions ~ 124 year old tree

This tree has been in use every year since 1886 when it was purchased for sixpence by the current owners great great Aunt.
The tree is made from Rafia and has a base with ornate design featuring Mary and Jesus.   The tree is only small and is made from rafia.  It's still stored in it's original box.

Christmas Stories ~ legend of the Christmas Spider (version 2)

The wind howled and tore at the faces of the man and his wife as they made their way through the night.  Protectively he drew his cloak around her.  She was bundled up with her arms carrying the bundle.  "I can go no further" she said and she began to cry.  The man looked frantically around for a place to shelter away from the cruel wind.  He saw some rocks up ahead and persuaded his wife to walk "just a little further".  As they reached the crags, they could make out a cave.  Thankfully they crept in.  At once their ears were blessed with silence. Thankful for the shelter the pair settled down to rest.  The chill filled the night air and it was then that the bundle awoke.  carefully the woman unwrapped her precious cargo and put his lips to her breast.  Her dear little baby, so beautiful and so special.
Sitting in the corner of the cave, a spider watched.  The woman finished feeding her baby and wrapped him back up, the family settled and tried to sleep, but they were so cold.  The spider was touched and wanted to help the young family.  Carefully with all the skill he could muster, he began his work.  After a couple of hours the cave was sealed with a beautiful silken web.
Out in the dark, the sound of horses came nearer and nearer.   Then voices could be heard.  "They can't be much further ahead now, called one of the men.  Then came the cry "there, that cave..."  The spider held his breath and prayed with all his might, as the man alighted from his horse and walked towards the cave.  As he got to the entrance, the Captain shouted "you fool, see the web, no ones been there for a long long time, come back on your horse, we must make haste as King Herod said"
Soon the men and their horses had disappeared and in the safety of the cave Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus slept peacefully.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Crafts ~ Light of the World

I have been waiting for this to be completed.  I was given a preview by Pepsi and at that time she was "cooking Jesus". it is created from polymer clay. I think it is so lovely to have someone make something so special at this time of the year, when so very often the real meaning of Christmas is lost.  It's a joy to feature this.

Christmas Crafts ~ twig and felted bird star

Lint and Lavender has created this cute little felt bird and the twig star ornament for the christmas tree or anywhere around you home this Christmas.  It's so cute and rustic.

Christmas Stories ~ The legend of the Christmas Spider (version 1)

It was Christmas eve, in a small house on the edge of the village, a woman worked in preparation for the big day tomorrow.  She washed, swept and polished.  In the corner of the room sat crouched amongst the dust a family of spiders.  They watched the woman as she went about her work.  They watched as she dragged in a beautiful green tree in a pot.  They watched as she pushed it across the room and they watched in horror as she turned around and went to get her dustpan to sweep them up and take them out into the cold.  The hurried away to the safety of the attic and there they hid listening for the sounds of the house work.
When they heard the woman go up to bed, they crawled back down stairs to see the green tree covered in ornaments.  hey had never seen anything so beautiful and they climbed up the pot on to the branches.  Rushing from one ornament to another, they gazed in awe at the sparkling ornaments.
In the night, the Christ Child came to the house.  He was so touched to see the tree, but it was covered in a shroud of dusty grey cobwebs. How the woman would cry at the sight of it.  He knew that it had been prepared with love and so he reached out and touched it and at once the spiders webs glistened as they turned to threads of gold and silver.
And that so they say is why we have tinsel and a spider on our tree.

Christmas Movies ~ Elf

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Crafts ~ Wonderful Glass star

Owl and the Firefly has been really busy creating this Moravian star from textured glass. Can be hung in the window or around the home.
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