Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Stories ~ legend of the Christmas Spider (version 2)

The wind howled and tore at the faces of the man and his wife as they made their way through the night.  Protectively he drew his cloak around her.  She was bundled up with her arms carrying the bundle.  "I can go no further" she said and she began to cry.  The man looked frantically around for a place to shelter away from the cruel wind.  He saw some rocks up ahead and persuaded his wife to walk "just a little further".  As they reached the crags, they could make out a cave.  Thankfully they crept in.  At once their ears were blessed with silence. Thankful for the shelter the pair settled down to rest.  The chill filled the night air and it was then that the bundle awoke.  carefully the woman unwrapped her precious cargo and put his lips to her breast.  Her dear little baby, so beautiful and so special.
Sitting in the corner of the cave, a spider watched.  The woman finished feeding her baby and wrapped him back up, the family settled and tried to sleep, but they were so cold.  The spider was touched and wanted to help the young family.  Carefully with all the skill he could muster, he began his work.  After a couple of hours the cave was sealed with a beautiful silken web.
Out in the dark, the sound of horses came nearer and nearer.   Then voices could be heard.  "They can't be much further ahead now, called one of the men.  Then came the cry "there, that cave..."  The spider held his breath and prayed with all his might, as the man alighted from his horse and walked towards the cave.  As he got to the entrance, the Captain shouted "you fool, see the web, no ones been there for a long long time, come back on your horse, we must make haste as King Herod said"
Soon the men and their horses had disappeared and in the safety of the cave Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus slept peacefully.

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