Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Christmas means to me.

This will be a very personal post.  I am not prone to spilling my emotions on the web, but for once I really feel led to do so.
When I started this blog a couple of months ago, it was as a pure indulgence.  There is so much beautiful craft, music, tallent etc out there that only gets shared for a short time each year, that I decided to thoroughly embrace it.  Christmas Creative is now at 199 posts.  The next post will be a giveaway to celebrate.

Christmas to me is so special. It starts in September (the day after the kids go bck to school) as it does for many crafters (for some it never stops!)  The big run up to Christmas, it seems so far away, you have time to plan, order materials, design, think and then all too soon it's nearly here.  Normally around October I get some flash of inspiration and the subject for the Christmas day service (which we lead as a music group)comes bounding into being  This year was no exception and very quickly there was a drama written and a title "missing the point".  I guess it all stems from Google refusing to acknowledge Christmas last year.  In the run up to Christms, there were christmas cards shown, but when you hovered over them the greeting was not "Happy Christmas", but "Happy Holidays".
Whilst the material Christmas takes place in every town centre or home (mine included,) when asked about traditions and what matters to people they nearly always respond with thoughts of the people they love.
I personally see nothing wrong with embracing the secular side to Christmas as you can see from this blog, but I do feel that all too often the real reson for Christmas is forgotton.
For me Christmas is about:
 The obedience of a young girl, of her future being so radically changed, of being prepared to undergo shame, of the motherly instincts, and the will to do the right thing.
Of the bravery of a man, who also prepared to face shame, but who listened and responded in love.
Of the joy of angels spreading the good news.
The wonder of shepherds, who celebrated the news of the birth of a baby, left their flocks and hurried to visit and then returned home rejoicing and telling others.
The perseverance of the wise men, who studied, waited, watched and travelled to worship a new born king.
And of course there is the baby himself, sent to the earth in human form to be the light of the world.
So please, this Christmas time take a few moments to remember why and how and that he can be your light too.
Happy Christmas

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