Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christms Traditions ~ Opening the gifts

Here is Petes thoughts, .....
"Having six kids our finances have always been limited and so we started right at the beginning with the tradition of waiting until everyone was up and gathered together before opening the presents. The kids took it in turns, one each year, of handing the presents out and we waited until it had been opened until the next one was handed out. It meant we all shared the excitement of all the presents and it prolonged the present opening. Our kids have taken it into their on families and do the same with the grandkids.

The kids developed their own tradition, instigated by the older two, of opening their stockings (handmade out of old clothes of course with their names on them and yes, parents had them as well) on our bed, waking us up at some ridiculous hour in the morning. They gathered the younger ones up and brought them in. It took several days before we got all the bits of peel, paper etc out of our bed clothes LOL"

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