Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Traditions ~ The Snowmen

I was mooching around the Craft Forum yesterday when I discovered this heart warming story.
These cute little fellas are the result of a plee for help a few weeks ago:
right I know you will probably all think I'm completely mad but I need something made for next christmas !!!
I'm doing it now as I'm at that time of life when if I don't do it when I think of it then I will never get round to it
basically years and years ago ( although it doesn't actually seem that long ago ) my mother in law bought at a bazaar - three snowmen and a father christmas - they were crocheted round a toilet roll if that makes sense
when me and my hubby got our own place we inherited the father christmas and one snowman and I started the tradition of putting chocolates in them
when we had our two children we then inherited the other two snowmen and Father christmas started to put chocolates in them on christmas eve.
they have always been part of our christmas but things are now changing
my 'children ' are now 18 and 21 and my son the eldest is talking about moving out next year with his girlfriend ( which I'm trying hard not to think about , whilst I love his girlfriend I will miss my son terribly ) but here comes the dilemma , next year I can't not put my sons snowman under the tree as it wouldn't feel right ( even though as you can imagine he probably wouldn't care less lol ) but if I do then I wouldn't want to leave his girlfriend out , and if I manage to find one for his girlfriend then I can't leave my daughters boyfriend out
as you can imagine my 'children' and partners really won't care less but its always been a tradition and its one I want to carry one and eventually include our grandchildren
so I'm after anyone who can make me some more snowmen - obviously I will pay you and its not until next year but if anyone can help me then let me know

Anyway, Pepsi (whose work has been featured several times on this blog) rose to the challenge and in double quick time there were the required additions to the family.(those sporting pink and  blue hats!)

I know its sad but its such a tradition and is a part of christmas that I didn't want to give up.
I was telling my mother in law who bought the original ones and she was really pleased and thought it was lovely and my 18 year old daughter who I thought might just give me one of those 'whatever ' looks said they're really cool and she has said it more than once , she even texted her boyfriend at work to tell him he is part of the 'snowman ' family
I'm probably making my family sound even more geeky now lol

Isn't that a lovely story!!

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