Monday, November 5, 2012

Story Advent Calendar

I had a project in mind for this Christmas that I've been thinking about for several months. Many of my Childhood memories include being read too.  My Parents and my Grandma reading stories was a lovely time and then as my own children and my "minded" children came along, I loved reading to them.  Christmas was an especially nice time.

 Special stories reserved for the festive season came out and were read snuggled up on the sofa with cosy lighting and a fire.  I wanted to prolong those memories by writing a series of Christmas stories, some original and some retold, I also collected a few poems  and activities together.

 These have been produced on quality paper and each one popped into a decorated Christmas packet.  each packet is then suspended from a hemp rope by a gold jewell embellished peg.

This is my Christmas Advent calendar and I hope that other people get to share the joy of reading to or with their Children in the run up to Christmas.  Available from Ra Ra Bazaar

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