Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas Craft Tutorial ~ Paper Trees

These trees look great clustered together for Christmas
You can use magazines, catalogues or even books.

Take two Christmas Catalogues
Remove the front page and any inside pages that come loose.

Remove the back page and  loose inner pages
Fold the top right hand corner of the first page diagonally to the spine.
Fold again towards the spine so that the flap resembles a tie.
Fold the overhand back up

Turnover the page and start on page two following the same instructions

work through the whole catalogue

until you have folded every page

 Then do the same to the second catalogue
apply glue to the two spines

Press them together
You can either spray the tree with gold or silver spray or leave natural.

 Top with a bow, star, feathers or beads

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! I had no idea these were so simple to make. I sense a trip to a large retail store that gives catalogues away very soon... ;-)


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