Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas Craft Tutorial ~ Embroidered decorations

These cute little emroidered Christmas decorations are easy to create with basic sewing skills

 You will need

Wooden curtain rings with screw eye top
Aida Favric
Embroidery needle and threads
Bostik or other clear fabric to wood glue
Place ring onto Aida. Use a pencil to draw lightly around the inside of the ring
Remove the ring and lightly draw design into the circle.( you could do christmas tree, robin, candle etc)
 Sew the design
 Cut around the circle leaving a border around the edge of about 0.5cm
 Apply glue as shown by the yellow dots.  (Please note the glue used is clear and the yellow is purely for demonstration)
Hold the design and place into the ring.  make surre the design is vertical.
 Push the fabric into the ring from the back.  do this evenly so that the deisn stands slightly proud (see below)
 Allow the glue to dry and then add ribbon.
you can make these yourself or purchase  them from the Christmas store at Beads By Design

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