Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decorate Your Tree ~ All Angels

Another post in the series Decorating Your Tree
Angels played an important role in the Nativity story.  They were God's messengers who brought the news to Mary and Joseph and they were the ones to bring "Glad Tidings" to the shepherds
Angels tree is heavily into the colour scheme, white, gold and silver.

Template for angel from CBeebies
I love these cute little angles ~ Tutorial HERE
Use paper plates to make these
Beautiful Coffee Filter Angels ~ Tutorial HERE
A great excuse to open the wine!
see more HERE
You could also add plaques with sentiments such as 
"Do Not Be Afraid"
"I bring you tiding of Great Joy"
"The Lord Has Found Favour With You"
"Take Mary To Be Your Wife"
"A Saviour Has Been Born"
"You Will Find Him Lying In A Manger"

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