Monday, October 10, 2011

Decorating Your Tree ~ Au Natural

Ever one for a challenge I delighted when my sister issued me with one last night.
"I've been asked to decorate the church's Christmas tree for the Christmas tree festival and obviously I want it to stand out from the others. Any ideas? (Other than dousing it in petrol and setting it on fire as that will only last a few minutes)."
I have come up with several ideas for decorating your tree and will post them on the blog with links to great tutorials etc. Au Natural ~ A naturally decorated tree sourcing items form nature and the food cupboard. Componants:
Dried fruits: slice oranges and apples. pat between a towel to absorb excess moisture. place on clean baking sheet and dry in a low setting oven.

You can also dry chillis and hawthorn berries (leave on the twigs) and Rosehips, (leave in clusters) by placing them whole on the oven tray.
Pine Cones: can be collected and tied on with rafia, hemp or twine.

Star Anise and cinamon sticks: can be bundled or hung with string, twine or hemp. (buy from Asian food stores for better value)

Lavender bundles: tie a few strands of dried lavender together with jute or hemp thread and add to the tree.
Ivy Garland: Untangle some long strands of Ivy and spray gold then drape about the tree.

Other items: Feathers, whole red apples (use small ones) Kumquats, rafia ribbon ties.


  1. Hi, I found you via The Craft Forum - Wow, I love it, you have given me inspiration to make some dried fruit decorations this year.

  2. the natural approach. Thanks for sharing


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