Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decorate Your Tree ~ Jesus Is ...

Part of the Decorate Your Tree series.
At the top of your tree place a wooden cross

Cut out red felt hears and make a small hole at the top thread through ribbon.

Create some cardboard or wooden signs.  Add wire hanger and add words that describe Jesus
Use Jaci Valesquez song Jesus Is for inspiration.

You're my best friend
In spite of flaws
I can't believe You're always there
You hear my prayers

You are my rock
You harbor truth
I can see Your light shine everywhere
It's all around me

You never judge me for my faults
Your love is unconditional
Without You I don't know where I'd be

Jesus is
The sweet, sweet love of my soul
Jesus is
The only thing making me whole
He's everything to me
All I desire to be
That's what Jesus is
That's what Jesus is

Sweet comforter
You ease my mind
Always beside me constantly
You never leave me

And You know me, oh, so well
Better than I know myself
And Your word is all that I believe

Jesus is...

You're the spark of heaven's light
The stars that shine at night
Here with You it feels like home

Jesus is
Jesus is
The healer of my heart when it breaks
Jesus is
Forgiveness when I make a mistake
He's all that I believe
He's everything I need
That's what Jesus is

Jesus is ...

He's all that I believe
He's every breath I breathe
That's what Jesus is
That's what my Jesus is 

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